Frequently Asked Questions
for Sohayak Users

What is Sohayak used for?

Sohayak provides a round-the-clock ambulance assistance service. You can book an ambulance via the mobile app, Sohayak, in the hour of need.

Is there any pre-requisite to book the service of Sohayak?

You need to have an Android phone to download the app. An active internet connection and GPS location on your phone are mandatory to proceed with online booking.

What types of ambulance are available for booking?

Sohayak offers 3 types of ambulance based on the patients’ requirements – ICU ambulance, AC ambulance and non-AC ambulance.

Does the ambulance have in-built oxygen support?

While booking the ambulance, you need to select oxygen support manually.

What are other services apart from ambulance assistance?

We also provide users with funeral car services and SOS contact facilities.

How many people are allowed in the ambulance?

Maximum 2 people from the patient’s family are allowed.

Are there cancellation charges levied?

If you cancel after 5 minutes of booking, a charge will be added as per company policies to your next booking.

Is there a waiting fee?

If the ambulance does not wait for more than 20 minutes, there will be no waiting fees charged. Beyond 20mins of waiting there will be some additional charges as the policies.

Does Sohayak provide ambulance?

No, Sohayak does not have ambulances of its own. Fleet owners are welcome to collaborate.

What are the payment methods?

You can choose your preferred payment option before or after the ambulance arrives at your location. Cash and online payment methods are available.

Frequently Asked Questions
for Sohayak Drivers

How to sign up as a driver on Sohayak?

You need to download the Sohayak (app for drivers) on your Android phone and go through the standard instructions for registration.

What are the compulsory documents to register?

You need to submit your driving license, ID card and contact number for e-verification.

Is the driver allowed to cancel?

In case of any emergency, the driver can cancel the ambulance after waiting for 20 minutes.

What is the registration process for fleet owners?

You need to contact the admin and the admin gives access to username and password. After successfully logging in, the user can upload relevant documents regarding the driver and ambulance.

How to receive payment from Sohayak?

You will receive the amount within 7 working days via online payment mode. In case of cash transactions, fleet owners must send the commission to Sohayak within 24 hours.

How to reactive your account?

If you do not log in for 30 days, the account is automatically deactivated. To reactivate the account, you need to contact Sohayak and resubmit the necessary documents.