• The Driver should wear masks and maintain proper hygiene as per government guidelines.

  • The face of the Owners and Drivers in their Profile Pictures should visible clearly and the picture should be front-faced and without any cap or masks.

  • It is mandatory to wear the company’s t-shirt in duty hours.

  • The Drivers and Owners should update their Personal Details as indicated.

  • All the necessary documents and registration papers related to vehicles should be up-to date as per government guidelines. To abide by the rule of law in the country is mandatory.

  • The Driver should wear seat belts and maintain the traffic rules.

  • There must be a compounder present in the Ambulance.

  • In case of ICU Ambulance, the necessary equipment and life-support tools must be in fully operational mode and it is the owner’s duty to check the functionality of the machinery’s day to day basis.

  • The registered driver should Login using his/her own credentials only. It is strictly prohibited to login using another's login id and password. If such instances came into light, Company will be bound to take stringent actions against those involved individuals.

  • Before Confirming a ride, the driver’s Identification in the Application should be matched with the Name given and Mobile No, his/her own profile picture and Vehicle model and registration number.

  • The commission which is due in receiving by the Company should be paid by the driver/owner with the help of Google-pay/UPI/Net Banking/ Credit or Debit card. The commission should be paid in daily basis after every successful rides.

  • If the driver doesn’t login his/her own account for 30days consecutively, the account will be inactivated. To reactivate the account, he /she should submit relevant documents in support of his/her identification.

  • Driver/Owner should not misuse the data generated by the application and privacy related matters. If somehow it is found out that there is an instance of data-breach or privacy-concern, our company will take legal actions against the individual/s.

  • The Driver cannot cancel a ride for 20 minutes from his end after confirming a booking. He should be consistent in delivering his duties and he must have patience in dealing with the Patient parties.

Guidelines For SOHAYAK

  • Sohayak encourages to treat everyone with due respect. It is expected that all the employees related to Sohayak endorse deep regards and proper care to those who are in need.

  • Sohayak doesn’t promote any violence to its Customer/Patient-Parties under any circumstances and expect the same from the Customer/Patient-Parties’ end too. It is highly advisable that if such incidents appear, the Sohayak-Driver/ Compounder should contact the nearby law officer/authority to register his/her complaints regarding the incidents he/she faced in duty-hours.

  • Sohayak advises to do the needful calling to the phone-numbers provided by the customers whenever it is needed during the booking/service period. Under any circumstances the contact should not be established Post-booking/Post-service period except in the situation to return lost items of customer.

  • Sohayak doesn’t promote any Misbehavior, Unwanted/Needless Physical Contact, Sexual Assault, Wrong gestures, Abusive Comments or any type of Misconduct by its employees to the Customers/ Patient- Parties. It is strictly advisable Employees should stick to their allotted duty only and follow the rules and regulation of the company diigently.